E-Commerce Revolution: Tracing the Origins of Cyber Monday

E-Commerce Revolution: Tracing the Origins of Cyber Monday

time 5 minutes read date October 18, 2023

The trend of Cyber Monday was initiated by online retailers and industry organizations in response to the growing popularity of online shopping. The term “Cyber Monday” was first coined by Ellen Davis of the National Retail Federation and Scott Silverman in a press release issued on November 28, 2005.

They used the term to describe the significant surge in online sales that occurred on the first workday after Thanksgiving weekend. This phenomenon was observed as people returned to work and used their office computers to shop online, taking advantage of high-speed internet connections.

The concept quickly gained traction and has since become a widely recognized and highly anticipated shopping event, known for its online-exclusive deals and promotions. Today, Cyber Monday is a key part of the holiday shopping season in many countries around the world.

Cyber Monday is an annual online shopping event that takes place on the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It serves as a counterpart to Black Friday, which is traditionally associated with in-store shopping.

Common Questions

How did Cyber Monday get its name?

It was suggested that people, after having spent the Thanksgiving weekend shopping in physical stores, would return to work on Monday and take advantage of their faster internet connections to do more shopping online.

Who created the term Cyber Monday in 2005

The term “Cyber Monday” was coined and first used by the National Retail Federation’s Shop.org division in a press release in 2005.

When was the first Cyber Monday?

The first Cyber Monday took place on November 28, 2005.

Key features of Cyber Monday include:

  • Online Focus: Unlike Black Friday, which often involves physical stores and in-person shopping, Cyber Monday is primarily an online shopping event. It’s characterized by a surge in online retail activity.
  • Deals and Discounts: Retailers offer significant discounts, promotions, and special deals on a wide range of products, particularly electronics, clothing, beauty products, and various consumer goods.
  • Convenience: Shoppers can browse and make purchases from the comfort of their homes, avoiding the crowds and long lines associated with traditional Black Friday shopping.
  • Global Phenomenon: While initially a U.S.-based event, Cyber Monday has gained popularity worldwide. Many countries now participate in this online shopping extravaganza.
  • Promotion Period: While Cyber Monday is officially a one-day event, some retailers extend their promotions throughout the week, or even for the entire month, creating a “Cyber Week” effect.
  • Kickoff to the Holiday Shopping Season: For many consumers, Cyber Monday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, when they seek out deals and gifts for friends and family.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns: Retailers heavily promote Cyber Monday through email marketing, social media, and online advertising, creating a frenzy of anticipation.
  • Availability of Limited-Time Offers: Some deals on Cyber Monday are time-sensitive or available in limited quantities, encouraging consumers to act quickly.

It’s worth noting that the term “Cyber Monday” was coined in 2005 by the National Retail Federation to describe the surge in online sales that typically occurred on the first workday after Thanksgiving. Since then, it has become one of the biggest shopping days of the year, both online and in some physical stores that also participate in the event.

Keep in mind that specific details and trends related to Cyber Monday may evolve over time, so it’s always a good idea to check current sources for the latest information.

Cyber Monday in 2023 is on November 27th.

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